I'd normally write a professional bio in the third person with all the formalities, however; I've decided to go against the norm and bring it down a few octaves as I've discovered simpler is better.

Most people call me 'Laur' and I've adopted the e-name of 'Shesn' a number of years back when I began posting videos. I'm a wide range artist, author, marketer and spiritualist with a deep appreciation for music.  I use various mediums for expression (mostly paint, glass, clay, pen or keystroke and camera). I had written and published a book entitled 'Royal Souls' in 2006, a screenplay entitled 'Hexagon' and I'm currently working on a patent.
Apart from being the master of a quintessential creative mind, I am also quirky, profound, authentic, compassionate, sarcastic, empathetic, blunt, humorous and sometimes intelligent. My goal is to inspire, motivate and learn something new every day.
I blog about what I know; write to the point, so to speak (no, that’s not a typo). I hope you find them informative. 
So relax and meander around in here, and don't forget to 'fav' me so you can stop back soon! 
All the best ~
Laur (aka Shesn)